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Alpha Strong Bags

X-tream training sandbags

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X-treme sand bags are the toughest sandbag in the market. This is no exaggeration they are designed to be abused. Traditional sandbags are strong but will wear. These sandbags are designed specifically with this in mind.

Sand is sealed away behind 4 closures.
The handle attachment is construction to be rip proof.
The handles are also padded handles with a superior grip.

“My gym members and clients have slammed these everyday for a year and they are still strong. If your training a high number of clients in a bootcamp or gym you need high quality equipment”

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What makes alpha strong bags the toughest in the market?

Alpha strong bags are superbly designed and produced, each alpha strong bag consists of  2 strong bags. The sand is locked in the internal bag first behind a Velcro seal, then behind a zip. It is then placed inside the outer bag and sealed again behind a very robust zip and more Velcro.

The outer bag is also lightly padded. Check out the alpha strong ball bellow:

Alpha strong bags - 4 seals