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Battling Ropes


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Our battling ropes are heavy duty ropes with a steel and hoop finish. Each battling rope is 10m in length and comes in two diameters: 25mm and 44mm.

Battle ropes are designed to perform individual and pair exercises.

Battle Ropes Exercises

Battle rope exercises require the whole body but really focus the core, back, shoulders and arms .

For example, the wave is an excellent arm and shoulder workout.

Slams and grappling throws are excellent battle rope exercises for the core. Battle rope pulls are an excellent way to target and build strength in the arms and shoulders.

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About Battling Ropes

Battling ropes are a fantastic way to train. Battling rope exercises focus on power and strength endurance.

Benefits of Battling Ropes

Battling rope exercises are all endurance exercises, so they are a fantastic way to challenge your body cardiovascularly with out any impact to the joints.

Battling ropes are also perfect for fighters as they really focus on shoulder strength and specifically improve your explosive endurance.

Battling Ropes Exercises

Battling Ropes

Battling ropes alternate Wave exercise

The first move to master is the battling rope alternate whips:

Wrap the battling rope around a post so you have 2m x 5m lengths.

Stand with the ropes fully extended.

Now create a wave down the battling rope alternating each arm. You should do this either for a set period of say, 60 seconds, or a set number, say 60 waves.

Battling Rope Side Slams

The next battling rope exercise to master is the battling rope side slams:

Holding the rope in both hands or, if you are going straight from the battling ropes alternative wave hold both ends.

Next, you slam the rope to your left using all your body weight, then slam the rope to the other side.

Repeat for 60 seconds or 60 reps, maintaining power for the full set.

Battling Ropes Chop Whips

This can be performed with the single battle rope or the double battle rope.

Creating a wave down the battling rope, but angling the wave at 45 degrees across the body, starting at your left shoulder and finishing just outside your right foot.

This battling rope exercise really works your obliques and shoulders in a chopping motion similar to the wood chop.

Battling Rope Circle Whips

This battling rope exercise is performed with the double battle rope.

Holding one end of the battling rope in each hand rotate both ends of the rope down and out then up and over. creating a circular motion inwards with each hand. This will create a circular tornado-style wave down each end of the battling rope.

Do 10 reps of these circle whips then switch to circling the ropes in the other direction.

This battling rope exercise really works the deltoids and rotator cuff hard, so it is great for shoulder strength and stability.

Adding Movement to Battling Rope Exercises

Adding movement to the exercise will really increase the amount of energy you require to perform these exercises. It will also make the battling rope exercises much more challenging mentally.

Battling Ropes Walking Alternative Whips

The same as the alternating whips above, alternate a whip down each end of the battling rope whilst walking 2m – 5m forwards then walking backwards and repeating this movement whilst maintaining good shape on the battling rope whips.

Alternate Battling Ropes Whips and Lateral Movement

Again, concentrate on keeping the shape of the battling rope whips in good form. Now continue facing forwards and walk to your left 2m – 5m and then back. Repeat this movement maintaining good form with the battling rope. Try 2 minutes of this for a tough workout.

Battling Rope Alternating Whip Squats

In this exercise, keep the alternating whips constant, squat and stand whilst keeping the battling rope moving. Keep your feet stationary during this battling rope exercise.

Battling Ropes Alternating Whips Rear Lunge

Very similar to the squats, keep the battling rope alternating whip moving with good form. Now go into a rear lunge, extending your left leg behind you and taking the weight on your right leg. Alternate the lunges. Try 30 rear lunges for a good workout.