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CrossFit resistance band guide

Resistance bands for crossfit

Pull ups Dips Muscle ups transition Hand stand Press ups
Red Band Too weak Intermediate and very light users Too weak Too Weak
Black Band Users close to being able to do full pull ups Perfect for most users Strong men and women Too light
Purple Band
Beginner women / intermediate men Beginner men & women Perfect for most users Light women/ intermediate men
Green Band
Intermediate Women/beginner men Heavy men Beginners Perfect for this. intermediate – strong
Blue Band Beginner women / intermediate men Too strong Too strong Beginner to intermediate
Orange Band Heavy men Too strong Too strong Heavy Men

We have a CrossFit gym so we can advice you effectively on which resistance bands are best used for different users and different CrossFit exercises.

Resistance bands are most often used for beginners to develop the strength for the full movement. If you want to cover most users I recommend the purple resistance bands for light users, then the green for intermediate and the blue for heavy/ weak individuals.

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