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10 simple Cones exercise drills:

Cone drills are a perfect drill to really push someone, they also require very little equipment and can be set up virtually anywhere.

They are great for speed, agility, co-ordination and also require concentration. Add to this there are loads of different combinations so you can keep your training fresh with your clients.

You can add other exercises in these drills as a rest between each set like press ups, crunches or the plank.

Cone exercises – Box drill 1

Cone exercises box drill

This drill should be done at full speed, and develops acceleration and change of direction. Sprint to cone 1 and back, then cone 2 and back then cone 3 and back then right round. Have a 15 second rest and repeat.

Cone exercises – Box drill 2

Box drills

This cone exercise should be done at full speed, f0llow the arrows above.


Cone Exercises – Box drill 3

cone box exercises

A nice progression on the previous cone drill, just add an extra full lap of the cones to finish.

Cone exercises – Agility Diamond

Cone agility drill

This cone drill will develop agility and acceleration in all running planes. The drill is done facing the same direction the whole time and is timed. You must touch each cone you pass. Follow the following order of cones 1-2, 2-3,3-5,5-3,3-1.

Cone exercises – Triangle drill 

Cone traingle drills

A simple drill with plenty of running. Run to the first cone and back, then the second and back and finally right round the triangle.

Cone exercises -Cone turn and sprint

Fun cone exercise

This cone drill is competitive so people tend to go flat out on this one. Time how long it takes your client to turn all the cones over, however you have to run to each end between turning each cone.

Cone exercises – Cups and Saucers

Fun cone exercise drills

This game requires 2 teams of any number from 1 upwards. One team has to turn the cones upside down, the other has to put them the right way up. The game lasts for 1 minute and the winner has the most cones facing their way. Repeat the game if you want to play best of 3 or 5.

Again, this is great fun and really burns a lot of energy.

Cone exercises – Shuttle runs

Shuttle runs

This is a nice and simple test, but it will really push even the fittest athlete.

First sprint to the first cone and back, then the second and back and then the third and back. To add to this test you can make them lay down each time on the first cone.

Cone exercises – T-test

t test

The t-test is a great way to determine someone’s agility at speed.

First layout the cones as shown in the diagram above. The t test is designed to measure lateral speed as well forwards and backward speed. So ensure you are facing in the same direction (from A-B) through out the test.

  1. Start at cone A facing cone B, start the stopwatch
  2. Sprint to cone B and touch the base of the cone with the right hand
  3. Laterally Shuffle to cone C and touch the base of the cone with the left hand
  4. Laterally Shuffle to cone D and touch the base of the cone with the right hand
  5. Now Laterally shuffle back to cone B and touch the base of the cone with the left hand.
  6. Finish by running backwards to cone A, and stop the stopwatch as they pass A

Check out more detail on the T test in our fitness testing library:

The T Test

Cone exercises – Cone slalom

Cone slarlem

This is a great drill for agility and speed.