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Tornado ball exercises

Tornado ball exercises-Exercise Libary

The Tornado ball is very unique piece of exercise equipment, designed specifically to develop rotational power. Tornado ball training also massively improves core and shoulder control and strength specifically in off balance rotation.
This makes the tornado ball Ideal training specifically for shoulder stability under force and through rotation. This will reduce rotator cuff injuries and more.
Tornado ball exercises
The tornado ball however is not for beginners not used to the sudden forces it will impart, tornado ball training requires a basic level of core and limb stability, so build up to it if you’re just beginning or just back into functional and power training.

What the Experts say about tornado balls
Paul Chek is one of the top functional training specialists, he is an advocate of the tornado ball and its benefits. Also Back specialist Dr. Stuart McGill says the benefits of using the tornado ball: Because the ‘ball is moving and the exerciser is doing everything in his power to not rotate. ‘ ’ we’re training the anti-rotator function of the core versus the rotator function. The core musculature is forced to stabilize against an aggressive rotary force and collision. An advanced exercise, but a beneficial one”

Tornado ball exercises:

Tornado ball Wall Chop
This tornado ball exercise will really develop rotational power, and is ideal for swinging athletes specifically golfers, Tennis, Cricket, Baseball, and all racquet sports.
First find a strong wall, Stand about 1/2 a meter in front of the wall. Bend your knees slightly and draw in your stomach bracing your core. Make sure you have 2 hands on the rope and explosively slam the ball from side to side across your body.
The aim of this tornado ball exercise is to increase explosive power so you should aim to do this for a maximum of 10 seconds then allow 2 minutes between each power set. Aim to do as many wall chops as you can in 10 seconds.

Tornado ball Wall chop video:

Tornado ball supine lateral chop
Again like the wall chop this tornado ball exercise will develop rotational power, it will also really target the abdominals. This exercise is ideal for grappling athletes like wrestlers, martial arts and rugby players.
Start sitting on the floor, in the V position. So with your back upright your knees slightly bent and your feet on the floor. Draw in your abdominals for control.
Take a strong grip on the ball and slam the tornado ball across your body, alternating from side to side.

Tornado ball Kneeling 3 point chop
This Tornado ball exercise focuses on core and shoulder control both in forward flexion but also in rotation. This exercise is not to sport specific but the strength and stability gains are ideal for most athlete, particularly those exposing their arms and shoulders to contact.
Start by kneeling, your body should be upright. Make sure you have a firm grip of the tornado ball with both hands. Now rotate the ball under your left shoulder then over the shoulder into a slam directly in front of you, now using the bounce of the tornado ball swing the ball over your right shoulder slam it behind you and then using the bounce again swing it back to the centre and repeat for the left.
This exercise is about power and form so continue at maximum intensity until you slow down. Then rest for 2 minutes.

Tornado ball Figure of eight
This Tornado ball exercise develops on rotational power and control, Its biggest benefit is in shoulder stability and control under force making it ideal for most athletes however it is sports specific for swimming, Tennis, Kayaking, canoeing.
Start standing with the tornado ball in both hands, Swing the tornado ball under your left shoulder using the momentum of the ball to swing it round the back of your shoulder and over your head. Now keeping the arms out stretched bring the tornado ball across your torso and down outside your right knee, and repeat swinging it over your right shoulder, above your head and across and down outside your left knee.
Repeat the exercise focusing on control to start with and once your form is perfect bring in power.