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Fat Gripz UK

We supply official Fat Gripz to the UK. Fat Gripz are designed specifically to increase your grip strength. Grip strength is often the weakest link in the weight trainer’s body, so training with Fat Gripz will directly increase your ability to lift heavier weights.

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How Fat Gripz work

Fat Gripz will develop your functional hand and forearm strength. You don’t need to change your exercise routine or work out; you just add the Fat Gripz to every bar you use. Without sounding cheesy you will be amazed at the results.

Basically, every time you train with Fat Gripz you will improve your grip strength.

Because your grip strength is the weakest point in your lifting chain, by improving this, you will be able to train your chest, back and arms more effectively.

How Fat Gripz Increase Grip Strength

  • The thicker grip engages your hands and forearms more than a regular bar. This is because regular bars are much smaller than a comfortable grip so we tend to hold them rather than grip them.
  • The rubber composition of the Fat Gripz encourages you to squeeze the bar for more control. This really activates the forearms.

Other Benefits of Training with Fat Gripz

  • Increased size of biceps, triceps and more – Our bodies are programmed to stay in proportion, so if you have small forearms your body isn’t going to have big biceps. Otherwise this potential imbalance could cause in injury. The body will actually stop your arms, chest, shoulders and back increasing until your hands and forearms catch up. You can keep on training, but your size and strength will plateau.
  • Decreased pressure on individual joints – Fat Gripz will spread the load more evenly across your wrists, elbows and shoulders. This has helped many people overcome elbow, wrist and strength problems.
  • Lift more weight – As your grip strength increases, you will be able to lift more weight in the gym, helping you reach your strength or size goals.

Fat gripz uk fiting to dumbellFat gripz on olympic bar

PT Gear supply official Fat Gripz UK.