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Testing & beasting @ Jordan fitness HQ

Last Wednesday I organised a trip to Visit our supplier Jordan fitness in Kingslyn, to catch up with their team and also test out there latest fitness gear in their in house gym.

I drove down with Jack Web one of my team of personal trainers with Cambridge fitness. It was an easy trip from my gym in Cambridge just an hours drive down the A10.

DSCN3820We arrived 30 mins early due to my iPhones conservative estimate of a 1hr 30 mins trip ( I think maybe in the settings my car is under “mobility scooter” but I can’t seem to find how to adjust this?). Luckily Sales manager Scott Lamber was good enough to let us in early to have a play in the gym. He also set us a few challenges like the single a single arm bottom up kettlebell press (check out the vid he made it look easy) to work on and left us to  have a play on all their Kit.

I spent quite a bit of time testing out the Jordans Bars as I have been testing 2 of their professional bars in my crossfit gym for around year now and the show absolutely no sign of wear which is impressive considering it is only £225 and the amount of abuse it receives from members. So I wanted to check out their copper bush bar which is only £120. Both bars looked and felt great so we will definitely be restocking with these.

After this we met Mark Laws who is Jordans training Academy Manager. Mark started this himself but now heads an impressive team of trainers who put on some really high quality courses. Ill go into this in more detail in another post as I want to chat to Mark some more about these and also go on some of them myself. But if you want to check out more info now check out

DSCN3802Scott then declared that Mark was going to put the three of us Scott included through the power wave 20 workout. Its a 20 minute   AMRAP (as many repetitions as possible), 50 seconds working 10 seconds rest alternating 5 workouts. My legs were still sore from trying to qualify for the team thorium competition the day before (a crossfit competition me and another coach are entering), but the prospect of a fitness challenge immediately pushed aside any thoughts of the remaining qualifier the next day.

This was my first workout with the Power wave and it was a beast, I don’t think my legs have hurt so thoroughly all over before. The hamstrings & quads were both completely locked after the drive home. The power wave is a great piece of Kit though and I can see why its so popular, the workouts are for score and competitive which really suits the crossfiter in me.

Despite the aches in my legs the next day after this workout the qualifier for thorium seemed like a breeze in comparison so it definitely helped with my mental toughness (found out today me and Ben did qualify in 9th).

Ive attached a quick Video of us testing some of the gear also there is some of the power wave workout on there to, Big thanks to Luke Scott and the Jordan fitness team for a fun afternoon:






DSCN3811 DSCN3849 DSCN3821DSCN3834