Crossfit in Cambridge

CrossFit has finally come to Cambridge

CrossFit when coached correctly is highly effective at building technique, strength, power and ultimately a very broard fitness.

CrossFit Stags and Does have a set up a  fantastic box in the north of Cambridge.

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If you live in or around cambridge and love a fitness challenge then CrossFit is for you.  Check out Crossfit in Cambridge.

CrossFit Stags and Does

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Crossfit box in Cambridge

Interview with Robert Bray

I’m often asked “how do you go about setting up your own Personal training Studio? and how viable it is?”. I think the majority of personal trainers ambition is to set up and run thier own personal trainer studio.

It is a fantactic achievement but it needs to be done properly and gradually as it’s a big step and its a big investement to make.

In first Guest interview I am going to interview Robert Bray. Rob is the perfect person to answer this question and more he has achieved a great deal as a personal trainer and is happy to share some advice & tips to success.

Robert Bray, Owner of my fitness studio Notting hill

Firstly Rob is a very successful personal trainer, he runs a large team of personal trainers out of his Luxury personal training studio in Notting hill which he set up. Rob also believes in sharing his knowledge & runs the top personal trainers Forum in the uk which he personally writes along with a chosen few athletes. Rob’s forum is the No.1 personal training forum on google in the UK and it attracts over 30,000 unique visitors per month, which believe me is very impressive. His Forum is unique in the fact it is regularly updated and if you post a discussion or have a genuine question about the industry you will get a number of replies from experienced personal trainers.

Hi Rob, what advice would you give to a personal trainer just starting out ?

The industry now is more competitive than ever, if you are going to work in a health club then make sure you are in great shape and approachable this is an excellent way to attract clients in the health club atmosphere. If you are freelance make sure you read up about marketing yourself on the internet there is tons of info there. You will certainly need a website, flyers, clothing with your logo on and a great referral structure.

How did you set up such a successful studio? It was quite a big step financially I would imagine, how did you go about setting this up?

I started with a much smaller basic studio at first and prior to that I was a freelance pt so had a regular client base to help cover the bills when I opened the first place. To anyone thinking of opening a studio then certainly keep it cheap to start with and build as you go along this is what I did. As time went by I no longer could do as much PT myself as running the business was taking up a lot more of my time so needed to bring in staff, at this point I had to change the structure of the studio and get a much larger studio to accommodate 5-8 staff working from there . Our current studio is over 1100 square feet separated in to three rooms and open 24 hours a day. Had I opened a studio at first this size with all the equipment we have now we certainly would have struggled as you need the clients to cover the business overheads plus you need to learn how to manage it as you go along. I have seen lots of studios over the years go bust who have taken out large loans from banks or family to cover the dreams of this studio they believe everyone will love as much as them and only to find after that without a huge marketing spend along with right location, right time, and some elements of luck this can prove an impossible challenge. Start small and build and you can end up with a great studio in a few years which you will love to train people in and can offer a client experience far beyond what you could offer at your local leisure centre.

If you look back at your career as a personal trainer what were the stages and important decisions that led you to the position you are now in?

Understanding that there are tons of personal trainers so to do well you need to stand out from the rest. First this was getting myself in great shape to attract clients at the fitness first I was working at after that it was to network a good client base and run a business that focused on training always on time and suiting the clients schedule anytime of day and any day of the week. Knowledge is the other factor, you want to grow your knowledge constantly this will show through with your clients and give you the confidence that will shine through and ensure your clients get the results they have long been after.

Your forum is really well run by yourself, Tell us about your Forum and how it can help personal trainers?

I built the forum for the main reason that I couldn’t find anywhere online that personal trainers could discuss honestly about the industry. There were a few forums but none were updated regularly. The forum covers all aspects of the industry from the courses to the health clubs to the business and financial side of the industry. I still think there are thousands of people who have had enough of an office job and want to become a PT but have no idea how to approach this industry and what to expect when they get a job. It still frightens me today when I hear people say for example they are giving up a job paying 60,000+ to become a pt and are about to spend £4000 on a course and don’t know where they will work, what the salaries are and if they will really like it, plus they have a wife and a kid on the way. Of course personal training is a great career if you work at it but there is a lot to learn to make this career a great one and the forum aims to provide people with this information so they make the best decision to suit their situation. My main reason when I started out was I loved working out and this job allowed me to work around that. I completely understand people wanting to do this job over their current career however the earning potential instantly is not high and some of the working environments aren’t great these are the two things that will cause people to leave the industry. The forum is designed to directly tackle this so that people are not only advised correctly of the short terms salary drop so they can prepare for it as well as learn how to push it upwards in their favour as well as find out where to work and what to expect. There are tons of great gyms and tons of bad ones, there are lots of pt’s making a lot of money and lots making a small amount, the forum is designed to keep you on the right path. The difference between the Pt who loves his job and the one who hates his job is only a few decisions away from the other one like where he works and what hours he works. The same as the PT who earns twice what another earns, one may be targeting one market and another, another market both with completely different results. The forum is free and we welcome beginners to advanced PT’s from all over the world, hope to see you on there soon.

Thanks Rob for making the time for this interview. Check out his personal trainer forum, and join in the discussions:


“Be professional” as a personal trainer – 6 key points to make into habits.

We should always be striving to be the best personal trainer we can be. It’s this enthusiasm and energy that inspires our current clients and attracts new clients.  Here are my six essential key points to be professional, if you not doing any of these why not?

1- Dress the part & be on time. This is a respect thing, if you don’t respect your clients enough to be on time and dress smart you are likely to now see your clients as mates who don’t mind. They may be your friends but they are still paying you for your time and deserve you at your best.

2-Inspire your clients. You are the main source of inspiration for your clients so you need to be training towards a goal yourself, you need to be inspired by your own goals.

3-Plan your clients sessions. Even if you don’t plan each session, you should have a plan you are following for each client to reach their goals. Our bodies will adapt to training every 6-8 weeks, so training plans should be altered every 6-8 weeks. They should also however not alter every session as we need some constancy in training to adapt & improve.

4-Perfect introduction – If you plan the first thing you will say to your clients the session will flow. If you stumble into each session or if you always use the same introduction your clients will start to notice. Keep it fresh and inspiring.

5-Support them when they are not with you – Make sure they have a plan to stick to when they are not with you, and hold them to that plan.

6-Training and further learning. We must always be striving to improve our knowledge and keep our training fresh. Taking a good course your interested in will give you a massive buzz & a renewed enthusiasm for your job which clients will feed off.



Talking the talk & success

Talking  the Talk & success

The difference between a great personal trainer and a successful personal trainer

I am a constantly analysing success and trying to figure out the hard and fast rules, analysing successful people in all industries and walks of life.

There are several factors that successfully people all have in common:

Passion- all highly successful people are passionate about what they do. How else would they stay ahead of everyone else if they didn’t love it.

Hard work – All successful people have worked hard to be the best, if you haven’t heard of the 10,000 hrs read up on it.

Networking- I’m always on about this, but its fundamental no one has ever made it alone.  Successfully people are good networkers, they take bold steps and talk to the right people.

Talking the talk – This is brand new to me and when I realised it, it felt like the missing piece. The answer.

talk the talk Personal trainers

I spotted this whilst visiting a very talented and successful massage therapist. After our session I found myself compelled to recommend her to everyone I know.  Despite knowing loads of very talented therapists already.

Why did I feel so compelled? and I still do.

I realised she spent a lot of our session talking about all her successful clients. How well she has helped them all, going in depth into each case giving me quotable examples of how she has helped people. She also talked about professional athletes she has helped and some extreme cases were she has helped people to walk again.

This makes so much sense and I realised I haven’t been doing it enough, the other day a friend asked “ what does a personal trainer do?” I jokingly dismissed it assuming he knew perfectly well what a PT does. Think of all the time someone has asked you about your job and you have just briefly touched on it, assuming they know all the great results you get with people.

Now think of all the times you have taken time to engage with someone and tell them all about what you do and the success you’ve had with clients. I bet they were fascinated, I bet they even thought about training with you or mentioned a friend who might benefit from you.

Think about this… If your brother in law is an osteopath, but you have never spoken to him about it. Then your sat at a party chatting to an osteopath (lets call him Tony) and he tells you all about how well he has improved peoples lives, working with professional athletes possibly and how he helped someone just last week who had a chronic back problem. Now you think Tony is great, and the next time someone you know has a chronic back problem. Who are you going to recommend? Tony of course, however your brother in law is probably just as good.

Who talks the talk:

Now let’s look at successful people who talk the talk. Let’s look at some highly successful personal trainers:

Dax Moy – Firstly I’ve been on one of Dax’s courses he is a very good PT and his courses are excellent. Dax definitely talks about his successful clients, he has lots of before and after pictures of successful clients.  When I think of Dax’s training I think he gets results, this is something extremely important to him and he will make sure his clients get results.

I know all this because he’s told me & his website tells me. I haven’t been trained by him but I know he gets results, because of this.

Matt Roberts – Again Matt is an excellent PT, he is also excellent at PR and talking about successful clients and results they have achieved. Also he is a well known a “trainer to the stars”. So when a celebrity thinks of training with someone, who do they think of? The trainer to the stars of course.

Closing thoughts

Go out there and talk about what you do, tell people about your successful clients and the results they have achieved. If you have the opportunity to work for a sports team or athlete work with them, and tell people about it.

Why should someone recommend you? Because you’re a personal trainer and personal trainers get results?

Give them a reason to recommend you, show you get results. Tell interesting stories.

It sounds simple, but its so easily forgotten. Make this one of your habits.

If you’re in a gym, tell the receptionist, bar staff and sales team. If you’re outside the gym, tell your clients, friends, family and talk about your success when networking.

Let me know what you think?

December should PT’s hate it or love it?

December is notoriously “very bad for pt’s”. Cancellations are very high with clients busy attending parties, buying presents and trying to get everything organised for Christmas.

There is however another side to this completely, it is a time when client potential is at its highest, there will be a dip in your PT hours but this is a great opportunity to advertise and push hard.

It’s a fantastic opportunity to start building up reputation in your local community that you are there for:

  • January new year new you boot camps
  • Christmas gifts – 4 or 10 packs of sessions as a gift
  • New year resolutions – Goal setting

Why does December hold so much potential?

December is when people will be literally filling their boots. They will make excuses and will very likely talk and think about getting fit in the New Year. We need to be part of this talking point, if we give them useful information to share they will talk about us.

Whilst December is a quite time for PT, it is the time when the most people talk and think about personal training. It is a social time when we get together with friends and family and catch up.

Last year I sold a lot of 4 and 10 packs without any advertising, I just reacted to the interest. This year I aim to target and develop this market.

I also had no new year boot camps, this year we are organising a holiday camp to Tenerife, 20 spaces available for a 1 week course staying in a 4 star hotel.

The camp will consist of training 2 x / day and include nutritional guidance and goal setting.  Does this sound good? I know I’ll be enjoying it!

Not only will I easily fill up this course and enjoy a week in the sun doing the Job I love. But it is perfect for marketing, I guarantee people will be talking about this in my local community before and after. Through those cold months it will be a fantastic image for people going and also for other people who know about it. Thinking and talking about exercise and what a great start it will be to the New Year.

Christmas gifts

What about Christmas gifts? Do you cover this market?  November has just begun you will need to get your ads sorted now if you are going to make the most of this market.

Design some vouchers, get out there and talk to people, visit some business networks, they will be full of business men and Women who are working hard and will love the opportunity to provide their friends and loved ones with a great gift or idea.

When January arrives

If you start advertising now, talking to people and getting people to talk about you when January arrives and people are making their resolutions you will be the first person they think of.

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The 80-20 rule – Maximize your fitness business profits

The 80:20 rule states that, for many events, roughly 80% of the results come from 20% of the causes.

80-20 rule fitness marketing

This rule is was spotted by Pareto and proven using statistics, initially he spotted it by noting that 20% of beans in his garden produced 80% of his peas. It has since been linked to thousands of situations. Particularly in business and economics.

What does it mean to fitness professionals? It proves what you’ve always known:

The majority of your income comes from 20% of your clients. Not only the majority but 80%!

It can also be applied to bad customers. 80% of your free time is spent on 20% of your clients.

Here is how it worked for me:

When I first read about the 80:20 rule back in 2009, I was like most “successful” personal trainers, run off my feet with no time to work on expanding my fitness business. I was only doing about 20 pt sessions per week but I was managing to make this take all week.

Clearly I was doing something wrong. There had to be a smarter way of doing things..

When I looked at my client base (25 individual clients) I realized that yes the 80:20 rule was really accurate for me, I had 20 pt sessions a week, but  12 of those sessions were to just 4 clients.

These 4 clients were also good clients they were getting results, they had regular slots in my diary so didn’t cancel or rearrange.

I also realized that this should be applied to where all my time was going:

10 of my clients which is a large percentage of my clients I was only seeing once a month or every 2 weeks. Obviously it takes more energy to look after 10 clients than 4. For example because of the sparseness of their sessions I had to prepare workouts for them to do on their own and also they often liked a regular slot in the diary but only used it 1 time a month.

I also noticed I had specific problem clients who took up a lot of my time and energy which I should have focused on the business. These clients would frequently cancel and move sessions.  This took peak times directly out of my diary and also time to reorganize.

I also had the odd clients who were just incredibly hard to please and keep happy.  I had to use a lot of my energy keeping them upbeat and satisfied, trying to inject energy into sessions.

Applying the 80:20 rule to my business

It is clear that I needed to find more high quality clients like the 4 I already had. These 4 clients were happy saw me regularly and were getting good results.

Firstly I didn’t sack any of the bad clients this just isn’t me. However gradually over 2 months I adjusted my client base.

Armed with this knowledge I took a new approach to my clients, I spoke to clients who I thought were struggling or not satisfied about their training and commitment to train. Some dropped off but the majority got more focused and I was able to relax and better understand their goals.

Key changes I made using the 80:20 rule:

Within 12 months my client base was much smaller around (12) I had around 25 sessions a week, I could easily do more because my diary was tidy and works. However 25 clients is plenty and this gave me more time to focus on developing other business ventures, and enjoying life.

I am now frank about cancelations and getting clients booked into regular slots. So if clients keep moving and canceling they get charged and will either become more focused or realize training does not fit for them right now.

I will only take on clients who will commit to regular weekly slots as a minimum, if they really want results then they really must book 2 sessions/ week.

Clients must always be happy and achieving their results, unhappy clients cause stress and worry they also can require extra planning and attention. I ensure all clients are having 6 week reviews on their targets.

These are small changes which can be tough to stick to. But they completely changed my business they allowed me to build a client base with regular slots that get results. Building a good reputation and freeing time up for me to build my business.

Your turn to use the 80:20 Rule

80 20 fitness marketing rule

Take a look at your client base, where are you spending the most of your time?

Also look at the promotion work your doing? Is 20% of the work your doing achieving 80% of your client base?

The purpose of going through the 80 20 rule is to find the 20% of work in your business and that is making you the majority of your income. Also spotting the time wasting your doing for little reward in your business. You will then be able to apply more time to finding the work that is really making you money with little effort.

It sounds simple and it is, these small changes also may sound like they won’t make a big difference. But believe me they will have a big effect on your business.

Some other examples of the 80:20 rule at work:

There are loads of examples

  1. The distribution of wealth and resources on the planet.
  2. Fewer than 20 percent of employees are normally responsible for 80 percent of a company’s output.
  3. Fewer than 20 percent of customers are usually responsible for 80 percent of the revenues for companies.
  4. The majority of your phone calls are likely made to a very small amount of the people compared with the amount you have numbers for.
  5. You likely spend a large chunk of your money on few things (perhaps rent, mortgage payments or food).
  6. There is a good chance that you spend the majority of your time with only a few people from hundreds you know.

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How to build a network of people who promote your business – in just 1hr a week!

Not sure what Networking is?

in this case its nothing to do with linking a series of computers through a central server.

Networking is very effective

Firstly Networking is very effective, when I began personal training I had 10 regular clients through networking within 4 weeks then I was completely booked up within 4 months, all this and a free breakfast!

Networking is building up a group of people who understand what you do and can actively promote your business.

You MUST have a network if you expect to have an effective fitness business. Other wise were do you expect you next clients to come from?It is far more effective to have customers come to you via a recommendation than you just trying to find customers from advertising.

You most likely already do have one even with out trying your friends, family and clients will be doing this for you.

Networking is simple

In this article I will explain the simple and effective way to network,you need to build up a group of people who understand you and what you do, approaching people and businesses can be hard and intimidating as they are often busy.

However, business networks are designed specifically for this, everyone at the network is there for the same reason to tell you about their business and find out about yours.
There are thousands of business networks all over the UK so there is no shortage of these and they are always looking for active networks.

Just going to these networks will increase your client base, however if you do it effectively it will be far more powerful. The following article is a comprehensive guide and strategy on how to network.

Please try it and let me know how you get on? I am happy to add further comments to this post if you have any questions. Also if you find it useful please share it.

Networking guide for fitness professionals

The Sandball| my new favourite piece of training kit, Why?

The sandball is my new favourite piece of exercise gear because

  • Its tougher than a Samoan front 5 (excuse the rugby world cup reference)
  • Its is so versatile and adjustable
  • Its very mobile and ideal to take on holiday
  • Price its just £76.99
The sand ball

The Sandball Tougher than a Samoan front 5!

Once full of sand you can use it as a kettlebell or double grip medicine ball. It’s also an extremely strong sandbag designed to be slammed and thrown.

The shape of the Sand ball is very similar to a double grip medicine ball with a handle on both sides, the handle however is round and large so when using just one handle it is balanced and behaves like a kettlebell.

The Sand ball is also produced by Alpha Strong so it is the strongest sandbag on the market. Alpha strong sandbags are very well put together, they are made of nylon which will wear well and still look good.

The best and thing about the sand bag however is how easy it is to refill, once filled the bag is sealed easily. It has a large mouth to add and remove the sand simply and quickly. This also means its totally adjustable, so for just £76.99 you get a fully adjustable kettlebell, medicine ball and sand bag to train all your clients.

This makes the sandbag ideal for taking on holiday simply rock up to the beach with a super light bag, fill it with sand and off you go. Check out the following video for some beach exercises with the sandball, Also if you want to buy a sandball check out ours below they are a bargain for what you get:

Buy The sand ball

Fitness testing Library

New to PT Gear, We noticed the quality of fitness testing information for fitness professionals is low and also very scattered around. So we have put together a detailed fitness testing library. With articles going through the top fitness tests, detailing how to perform the fitness tests and with the fitness tests results so you Can analyse your performance.

bleep test image

Our fitness testing library will continue to expand, so far we have added the following:

Vertical jump test – Great fitness test for analysing your leg power

Plank test -Great fitness test for analysing your core strength

Press up test-Fitness test for assessing your arm strength and endurance

Sit up test – Fitness test for analysing your abdominal endurance

Grip test – Fitness test for analysing your grip strength

1.5 mile run test - Widely used fitness test for endurance and running

Bleep test – My favourite fitness test for assessing your CV fitness and VO2Max

If you would like us to add any specific fitness tests please email us.

New in stock SAQ equipment

We now supply high quality SAQ equipment. We have been looking to supply this for some time and have sourced some of the best SAQ training equipment on the market.

In stock SAQ gear

SAQ equipment is the ideal addition to any personal trainer or fitness trainers equipment. With each piece of kit there are so many high quality exercise drills you can go through to really improve your clients agility, speed proprioception, strength and power.

We have everything from parachutes, speed ladders through to reaction balls and cones.

SAQ equipment is also idea for sports teams and bootcamp training.

Check out our full range on the link below:

SAQ training Equipment