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Grip test

Grip test-fitness tests:

The purpose of the grip test is to measure the maximum grip strength of the hand.

Grip strength fitness tests give a good indication of a person’s overall strength, this is because people don’t tend to train grip strength specifically so the test will give a valid estimate of your overall strength.

Grip test dynamometer

Grip strength is also often a limiting factor in weight training, grip can tire quickly and will really limit the amount you can lift once it is gone.

Grip test procedure

It is important to maintain a consistent procedure with no movement, as this can greatly improve the tests score.

You will need a hand grip dynamometer.

Hold the dynamometer in your hand, with your arm straight down at your side. Squeeze your hand as hard as you can for around 5 seconds.

Grip test results

The grip test results are normative data. Which will give you an good indication of how your grip test results measure up to the population.

Rating Male Female
Super strong 75+ 49+
Very strong 70-74 43-48
Excellent 65-69 39-43
Very good 57-64 35-38
Above average 51-56 31-34
Average 45-50 25-30
below average 39-44 19-24
poor -39 -19

Improving your grip strength

The grip is often the first point of fatigue for weight training, and so by increasing your grip strength and endurance you will be able to lift heavier weights and train harder.

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