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Measuring Circumferences

Messuring Circumferences Effectively – Fitness tests.

Measuring your own or clients circumferences are the most effective method for assessing how your body shape is changing with your training.

Circumferences picture

If weight loss is your clients goal it is very likely their real goal is inch loss. Even if it is weight loss, it is likely to be fat loss they are after so measuring body mass is not an accurate reading for fat loss since it doesn’t take into account muscle gain. If it is Fat loss specifically I also recommend doing body fat %.

Clients working hard on a weight loss program will loose inches in just 6 weeks. This is very satisfying.

How to measure body circumferences:

Consistency in your measurements is critical if you and your clients are going to believe the results.

  1. Ensure no pressure on the measuring tape, just ensure you remove all slack.
  2. Be consistent with your measurement points.
  3. Get your clients to hold the tap and spin. This will save you a lot of effort and make it much simpler.

To get the best over all reading of body shape I suggest the following areas:

Waist – Taken from Belly button and around.

Abdomen- Taken 3cm above belly button and around.

Back side: standing side on it is taken from the largest point on the back side.

Chest: across the nipples and around.

Bicep: First measure the length of the upper arm and take the measurement around the bicep at the mid way point.

Thigh: Optional, first Measure up from the top of the knee cap, then the measurement is taken around the leg.( record how far up for next time.)