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Press up test

Press up tests -fitness tests:

The 2 minute press up test is a great fitness test to measure someone’s strength and endurance, in their triceps and chest.

The press up test is widely used and is used on the fitness test for the army and royal marines. So this is a great way to give you an indication of your fitness levels.

Press up test start positionPress up test position 2

Press up test procedure:

The press up test is done using full press ups and lowering your chest to fist height. I suggest using a boxing glove to measure this distance.

It’s a very simple test just do as many press ups as you can in 2 minutes.

Press up test results:

The entry requirements for the army are:

44 for men

21 for women

The main benefit of these tests is noting what levels you can achieve and then working hard for 4-6 weeks then reassessing and seeing the improvements.