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Standing broad jump Test

Standing broad jump test – Fitness tests

Standing jump tests are a great way to assess some ones explosive leg power. Standing jump tests are also a very consistent fitness test which can be repeated very easily and with very little fitness testing equipment.

power testing uses our bodies maximum power out put and puts large stresses through joints and muscles so it should only be done after a thorough warm up and on those used to exercising. Power testing is not appropriate for all clients. It should not be used on clients who are injured, pregnant, hypertensive or have just begun exercising.
How to perform the standing broad jump test
There are two methods for performing the standing broad jump the CMJ countermovement jump and the squat jump.
The squat jump is a static hold then jump, were as the CMJ uses the elasticity of the muscles to preload and release during the movement achieving better results. It is also a more realistic measurement of what we would achieve in sport since we will naturally utilize the elasticity of muscle in this way.
CMJ board jump procedure
Usually perform this fitness test as the best of three attempt. With at least 2 minutes rest between each.

  1. Stand with your toes, feet shoulder width apart, behind a marked line in the floor
  2. Squat down bringing chest towards knees swinging arms back, come into a deep or half squat.
  3. Once you reach the above position instantly jump forwards swinging your arms to propel you.

Measure the distance between were the marked line and the point were your heels landed.
Static broad jump Procedure
Exactly the same as above but with a 2 second pause at the squat.

CMJ standing board jump test results:

The following table can be used to asses your standing broad Jump test resulst using the CMJ technique.
Standing broad jump test