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Standing Triple Jump Test

Standing Triple jump test – Fitness tests

This jump measure the clients total distance covered over three maximum effort jumps performed in sequence.

Standing  triple jump tests is a great fitness test to assess some ones explosive  leg power. Along with their balance and co-ordination.

Standing triple jump test demo

Warning, power testing uses our bodies maximum power out put and puts large stresses through joints and muscles so it should only be done after a thorough warm up and on those used to exercising. Power testing is not appropriate for all clients. It should not be used on clients who are injured, pregnant, hypertensive or have just begun exercising.

How to perfrom the standing triple jump test

  1. Stand with your toes, feet shoulder width apart, behind a marked line in the floor
  2. Squat down bringing chest towards knees swinging arms back, come into a deep or half squat.
  3. Once you reach the above position instantly jump forwards swinging your arms to propel you
  4. Land on one foot and jump forwards as far as possible on to the other foot
  5. Power forwards off this foot as far as possible landing on 2 feet.
  6. This is the final point, taken from were the heels landed.

CMJ standing triple jump test results

Population % rank Male distance cm female distance cm
91-100 world class 9.80-10.50 8.15-8.85
81-90 9.05-9.79 7.40-8.14
71-80 8.30-9.04 6.65-7.39
61-70 7.50-8.29 5.90-6.64
51-60 6.75-7.49 5.15-5.89
41-50 6.00-6.74 4.40-5.14
31-40 5.25-5.99 3.65-4.39
21-30 4.50-5.24 2.90-3.64
11-20 3.65-4.49 2.15-2.89
1-10 2.90-3.64 1.40-2.14