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Stork Test

The Stork Test – Fitness tests.

The stork test is designed to test your ability to balance in a static position. It not only tests your balance but also your balance endurance.

Stork Test

On top of this the test will highlight balance issues which should be addressed. If you have week balance on one foot you must work to balance this as this can cause a you to become injury prone.

Stork test procedure

You only require a stop watch to perform the stork test. You will also need to be barefoot.

  • Stand on one leg placing the base of your other leg on the inside of your knee.
  • Now go up onto the ball of your standing foot.
  • Once in position start the stop watch.
  • When your foot moves from your knee or you lower your heel to the ground the test finished and you stop the stop watch.
  • Now rest for 2 minutes minimum and repeat the test on the other leg.

Stork test results:

Table is for 16-19year olds performing the stork test. But it’s a good point of reference and we should be aiming to compete with these youngsters up until 39 at least. No excuses!

Rating Male  (seconds) Female (seconds)
Excellent 50+ 30+
Above average 41-49 23-29
Average 31-39 16-22
Below Average 20-30 10-15
Poor -20 -10
Table Ref.: Arnot R & Gaines C, sport talent 1984

The Stork test is a balance test, it is often mistakenly called the stalk test.So if your looking for the stalk test check this article out.