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Free Gift

Free Gift With Every Order

With every order ,you will recieve access to the memebers area on PT Gear, where you will be able to download free personal training documents and also have access to members’ articles on business advice for the fitness industry.

Free Personal Training Documents

When you order, you will receive a comprehensive and professional set of PT documents.


These will really improve your brand as a PT and increase your client confidence and satisfaction. These take a lot of time and experience to compile:

  1. Exercise diary
  2. Asessment forms
  3. Food diary
  4. Consultation sign-up promotion sheet
  5. Consultation forms
  6. Standard exercise norms (press-up max, sit-up max, etc.)
  7. PARQ (personal accident readiness questionnaire)
  8. Client agreement form
  9. Sign-off sheets
  10. Posters – a list of posters with marketing ideas

    These documents will be supplied via your purchase confirmation email and are also available for download in the members area.

    Business Articles for the Fitness Industry

    Business advice articles are written by highly successful people in the fitness industry. They are exclusive to members to help you to improve your business. They include:

    • Simple financial advice for self-employed people in the fitness industry
    • Online marketing advice
    • Simple guide to get to the top of google
    • And more….