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Gym Hammer

Gym hammer range

The Gym Hammer

The Gym hammer is a serious piece of training equipment, predominantly used for crossfit training and MMA fighters.

The gym hammer is a solid metal sledge hammer, designed for high impact training.

Gym hammer training is usually done by slamming the hammer into a tyre.

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Gym hammer training

Firstly it is important to train with a tyre as this will reduce the stress caused by the high impact of the hammer.

The shape and weight of the gym hammer means that training is a highly compound developing a high level of core strength and power. Gym hammer training is power training using large muscle groups so each slam uses loads of energy making this a perfect cardiovascular workout for fighters.

If done properly and consistanly training with a gym hammer will increase your power by first developing the muscular control and then increasing the number of muscles you are able to recruit (use) to perform this powerfull action.