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Home PT Advice

Home personal training is fun and offers you a lot of freedom as a Personal Trainer. It can be a bit daunting to start with but like anything, if you work hard at it after a while it becomes comfortable, enjoyable and fun.

We offer a good insight into how to become a home Personal Trainer, covering the following points:

Networking guide for fitness professionals

Networking is the foundation of how you will get busy outside of a gym. Start off by mainly targeting business […]

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Simple guide to your financial accounts as a personal trainer

Guide to your financial accounts as a personal trainer When your self employed getting your finances sorted early so they […]

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Home PT vs Gym PT

Both have their advantages and disadvantages.  Here is a well rounded disscussion from someone who has done both. Home PT […]

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How to Find Clients

The following are some succesful strategies to finding clients, written by an experienced and succesful home PT. As a home […]

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Equipment for Home PT

As a home/mobile Personal Trainer you will need light equipment that does everything you need. Also, fun and interesting equipment […]

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Gaining Confidence: Will I Be a Good PT?

When you first become a PT, you may ask yourself the following questions: Am I experienced enough? Will people think I am […]

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Testing and Progression

Progression is the key to training any client successfully.  If your clients are making progress towards their goals they will […]

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Personal Trainer Insurance

Personal trainer insurance As a personal trainer it is vital wherever you work that you are fully insured.  If you […]

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Potential Earnings and How Much to Charge

This is for home personal training How much to charge: In terms of charging an hourly rate, start with the […]

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Exercise for Home PT

The first question people often ask is how do you train someone without a gym? There are so many different […]

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Challenging Games

Games are great fun and burn loads of energy. By playing games with your clients you will bring out their […]

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Training Courses

We only recommend training courses we know to be of high quality. Premier Training International Premier Training’s flagship course! The […]

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How to Become a Personal Trainer

When you first consider becoming a Personal Trainer it can seem a complicated path to follow. It is actually very […]

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Please note:
This is offered as advice for Personal Trainers.  No responsibility is accepted on our part for any losses or damages.  Always use your professional knowledge on if or how to apply this advice to your business.
*Please read through the full terms and conditions (T&C).