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Challenging Games

Games are great fun and burn loads of energy.

By playing games with your clients you will bring out their competitive nature, they will have fun and forget all the stresses of their day.

There are so many different games you can play. I have listed my top 4 below:

1.  Bounce-off – medicine ball

This is a 2-player game. I recommend the 3kg medicine ball. The aim of the game is to bounce the medicine ball so your opponent can’t get to it before it bounces the second time. You play to 5 or 10 points. This is a great warm-up or workout. It gets the strategic mind working in 3 dimensions.

2. Cone turn over (cups and saucers)

This game requires 2 teams of any number from 1 upwards. One team has to turn the cones upside down, the other has to put them the right way up. The game lasts for 1 minute and the winner has the most cones facing their way. Repeat the game if you want to play best of 3 or 5.

Again, this is great fun and really burns a lot of energy.

3. Prone handball

You need 2 goals made from cones. The goals are any size, aproximately 3 metres apart. It is a 2-player game using a light medicine ball.

Each player stays in their goal in the prone press-up position. You are not allowed to put your knees down and the aim is to score in your opponent’s goal by rolling the ball through the goal without your partner stopping it.

This game is great for core strength, it uses loads of energy and really gets the mind working.

4. Knee taps

This is great fun and very quick. It is hard to play against your clients though, because of the contact, so is best for group training.

It is a 2-player game. Each player stands opposite the other and tries to tap their opponent’s knees with their hands whilst protecting their own knees. Play for 30 seconds or 1 minute at a time and keep score. The loser from each round could face a punishment, e.g. press-ups before the next round.


All these games may seem childish, but try them with your clients and you will be amazed how enjoyable they are. They help build up a good relationship with your clients, who may well become clients for life.


Please note:
This is offered as advice for Personal Trainers. No responsibility is accepted on our part for any losses or damages. Always use your professional knowledge on if or how to apply this advice to your business.
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