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Equipment for Home PT

As a home/mobile Personal Trainer you will need light equipment that does everything you need.

Also, fun and interesting equipment keeps it exciting for your clients and helps them feel like they are getting more out of their sessions than by being at the gym.

Medicine balls

Medicine balls are an essential piece of equipment for any Personal trainer. They are fun to use and you can do a large number of exercises with just one ball, Medicine balls are also a really good piece of functional exercise equipment:

Legs: squats , lunges, lunge and twists, squat and press, squat and pass…

Arms: curl and press, skull crushers, slams, chest pass…

ABS: twist and pass, twist V-sits, wood chops, golf specific driving…

Also, explosive exercises are great fun, testing your clients max through twist pass and slams.

Suspension trainers – The TRX

Suspension trainers are another great piece of mobile Personal training equipment.

They are light and very versatile. You can increase the resistance by changing your foot position and applying more body weight.

Both The TRX and the Milo Kit are the top two suspension trainers in the industry I can highly recommend both.

You can do the following exercises with them:

Squats, lunges, leg extension, chest press, bicep curls, inverted row, single leg squats, and much more.

Because of thier versatility, you can put a circuit together with them, such as 10 sqauts, 10 AB twists, 15 bicepcurls, 10 chest press.

As a bonus, they look cool and all of my clients want one.


Kettlebells are a great addition to a personal trainers equipment. They are totally unique and if your client hasn’t heard of them, they will be impressed. If they have, they will be impressed by their own knowledge!

They are also great, versatile pieces of equipment and generally you only need one per workout. They are not something to be scared of.  Doing a Kettlebell training course is important in order to do some of the more advanced moves, but there are loads of simple moves you can begin with:

Sqaut, bicep curl, skull crushers, lunge and twist, chest press and more check out the article on kettlebell exercises in our exercise library for videos and more.

For the more dynamic moves, I recommend doing a Kettlebell course.

They come in a good range from 4kg to 32kg.

Stability Balls

Stability balls are great pieces of kit and I tend to give each of my clients one of these, rather than carry them around.

They are a great alternative to the bench and you can do a lot of core work on them.

They also give you clients something interesting to do when your not with them.

Power bags

Powerbags are great pieces of kit for functional training. They are very versatile and you’ll only need 2 bags for most clients.

Powerbag training, unlike traditional weight training equipment, utilizes the movement and instability within the bag itself to create an element of unpredictability during exercise. This forces the stabilizing muscles to accommodate the shifts in weight during the course of the movement. This helps make Powerbag-based training more effective than many other training approaches towards improving performance in real life situations, be they sporting or otherwise.

Legs: squats, lunges, lunge and twists, squat and press, squat and pass

Arms: bicep curl, chest press, shoulder press, curl and press, skull crushers

ABS: wood chops

Boxing gloves and pads

One of the best pieces of kit for any personal trainer. Boxing is fun and challenging and you can adapt the training to suit most individuals fitness levels.

We have a great range of boxing pads and equipment check out:

Boxing equipment

Battling ropes

I highly recommend battling ropes, They make your clients work explosively for 1-2 minute intervals. This is incredibly tiring making them the perfect piece of kit for cardio vascular work.


If you also add to this the fact they can do this without any impact to the legs, this makes battling ropes perfect for training clients with knee or leg problems.

Another bonus of this and some of our other personal training equipment is it is very cool and diverse stuff, which will get your clients talking to their friends. So free marketing.

Fitness testing equipment

In Depth fitness testing is one of the advantages of having a personal trainer. So I recommend getting your hands on some good fitness testing equipment.

At the very least I would get a tape to measure circumferences and also a peak flow meter and some body fat calipers.

We have 3 different fitness testing kits we have put together for personal trainers.

As well as the static tests I also recommend doing all their fitness measurements I.E maximum press ups, sit ups, plank ect.. Check out our article on fitness testing for more info:

Testing and progression article
We supply quality Medicine balls, Gym sticks, ketttle bells, stability balls (with a free pump) and power bags.

Please note:

This is offered as advice for Personal Trainers.  No responsibility is accepted on our part for any losses or damages.  Always use your professional knowledge on if or how to apply this advice to your business.

*Please read through the full terms and conditions (T&C).