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Home PT vs Gym PT

Both have their advantages and disadvantages.  Here is a well rounded disscussion from someone who has done both.

Home vs gym

Home PT Pros

  • Everyone is a potential client, not just gym members.  I find most people will consider having a home PT
  • It is not as competitive as in the gym so you dont feel threatend by other PTs
  • Pick your own hours, you are your own boss
  • Good money, low monthly overheads
  • Overheads are only start-up – around £400 for equipment and insurance (read Potential Earnings for more details)
  • Work outdoors sometimes so you get to enjoy the summer. Rain never stops training

Home PT Dissadvantages

  • Work alone, so there are no other PTs to have fun with between clients and in the gym
  • No gym and pool to relax in
  • Travelling limits you to 15 to 25 clients / week (£400-£1000) – read Potential Earnings for more details
  • Lots of travelling, which is not great for your body.

Gym PT Advantages

  • Great for gaining experience, lots of PTs around for advice
  • You can fit lots of clients in per day – I’d say 6 max, or you’ll burn out
  • Gym and pool to use and relax in
  • Good for marketing – posters on walls and promotions

Gym PT Dissadvantages

  • Large overheads – anything from £150-£1500 per month for rent/comission
  • Bosses can be great or a nightmare
  • Indoors so no sun, but no rain either
  • Gyms tend to change thier PT comission and rent policies reguraly to get as much as they can, so be adaptable


Both are great jobs, in an ideal world I’d recommend starting off in a gym surrounded by other experienced personal trainers as you will learn loads from them. Gym-based PT is great fun, you gain experience and confidence, and work in a gym atmosphere.  A home-based PT has lower overheads and so only needs to work  10-15hrs per week and has a lot of freedom.  Both are great , so pick whichever suits you.

There are loads of different options most of which i have tried its just about being adaptive and finding what works best for you:

  • Full time gym pt
  • Half gym PT & home PT
  • Home PT doing a couple of spin classes a week
  • Gym owner and PT

Please note:
This is offered as advice for Personal Trainers.  No responsibility is accepted on our part for any losses or damages.  Always use your professional knowledge on if or how to apply this advice to your business.

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