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How to Find Clients

The following are some succesful strategies to finding clients, written by an experienced and succesful home PT.


As a home or mobile personal trainer, the number one way to find clients is to talk to them. Only by talking to people or through recommendations will people want you in thier home.

The great thing is, everyone you talk to will be genuinely interested because fundamentally (nearly), everyone cares about their health.

So now you need to talk to as many people as possible.

1.  Networking

What I do, which is very successful, is networking. The core of my clients have come through BNI – a business network I go to every Thursday morning.

BNI is just one network, but because of its nature, it is very successful. It costs around £500 per year, but I easily made that back in the first month. Another bonus is that it teaches you marketing and presentation skills. Every week for 60 seconds you stand up and talk about your business. I offer fitness tips in my talk.

Also, because all the memebers are businessmen and women, you can learn a lot of very usefull business skills from them.

PTs generally don’t network, which is crazy, because it is so effective and massively under utilised.

Check out our full article on networking for fitness proffessionals.

2.  Weight-loss classes

Call a local weight-loss class, like Lighter Life or Weight Watchers, and offer to do fitness talks to their members. I charge for these talks because it ensures credibility, but you can offer the first for free.

Their clients are on heavy diets and will need to build exercise into their lives after they finish the diet. The councillors on the diet really care about their clients and will be happy to be able to recommend someone that they know is reliable.

3.  Office gyms

Ask your friends if any of them work in a large office, and may be able to put posters up there for you. Also, if there is a gym at their work, get your friend to ask the human recources manager if you can offer to train their staff in the gym. You could offer free health and fitness talks to promote yourself.

4.  Websites

Don’t spend too much time obsessing about your website because it will not account for getting you most of your clients. However, constructing a good site and paying for Google ads to put it at the top of the search engine will generate you clients. You should pay around £250-500 for a good website, and then £30 per month on Google ads.


There are lots of people out there looking for advice on how to be fit and healthy without joining a gym. Networking really works and has made me really busy and successful.

“Life is all about developing relationships”  – Van Wilderpersonal trainer advice

Please note:
This is offered as advice for Personal Trainers. No responsibility is accepted on our part for any losses or damages. Always use your professional knowledge on if or how to apply this advice to your business.
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