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Networking guide for fitness professionals

Networking is the foundation of how you will get busy outside of a gym. Start off by mainly targeting business networks, if done properly you will not need to do too much extra, however if done poorly the effectiveness is massively reduced.

You only need to go to 1 good network a week if done properly, and that is more effective than 1000 leaflets and 50 cold calls.

What is business networking?

Firstly I’ll give you a bit of an introduction to networking and why you must be doing it.

A business network is full of local business men and women who are keen to promote their businesses. Compare this to cold calling businesses, for example:- If you go to a local hairdressers (which is a good idea by the way) and ask them to promote you, they aren’t there to network they are there to work so it is tough to get them to agree to put your poster up and actively promote you.

How to network

The aim of building a network is to build a team of people who actively promote your business to people they speak to, a good networker wants to be able to help people. So when someone mentions they want to get fit, they will mention you.

Especially if you are recommending them to all of your friends. This will make them want to recommend you and this is how networking works, the networking mantra is “givers gain”. So if you meet a good plumber and electrician and your friend asks you for advice then you can happily help them.

A massive bonus of networking is you will learn a lot about business and how to promote and grow your business. You will also have people to inspire you with energy and bounce ideas off.

What to do in a business network

At networks the two goals are:

  • To connect with people
  • Infuse them with energy and confidence

That’s it, but it’s not as simple as it sounds. To genuinely connect with someone you need to:

  1. Be interested in them, and their business

So remember their name. Write a full list of names and a description of them and what they do after each network.

2.  Follow up on each contact made

Contact them afterwards, just an email is fine, but be sure to mention something memorable you talked about and preferably their business. If they ask you a question make a note and send them some info on this.

3.  Organise a 1:1 meeting with them.

The 1:1 meeting is invaluable you will learn more about their business and teach them more about yours. After this you will have a new contact who can talk about you to their contacts.

4.  To be really good you need to be sending the people in your network work.

They will then work really hard to send you work. This however isn’t essential and don’t be put off by this as if you get the other 3 points right you will be fine.

So the goal at networks isn’t just to meet as many people as possible, definitely not. It’s to connect properly with a few.

Networking guide for personal trainersAs a personal trainer or fitness proffessional you should also infuse them with confidence and energy, be passionate about what you do. All business people who are serious about what they do should have a pt, because we will help them to have more energy at work, be able to switch off better after work. Live longer, ache less and much more.

If you’re passionate about this and the benefits of exercise you will inspire them and they will want to use your services and recommend you.

Dress code? Sit and tie? No way! Bright sports gear, you will stand out and it’s your work gear so that’s fine.

Your networking message should be along the lines:

These have worked well for me and my team of personal trainers.

“You can’t fit more hours in the day but you can fit more energy in the day, I will help you to increase your energy levels so you are able to concentrate for longer periods …..….”

“Get rid of the afternoon slump… correctly balancing your diet and energy levels will mean you can carry on working intensely throughout the day”

“The benefits of exercise don’t just stop at physical energy gains the real gains are made in mental energy capacity and a feeling of well being….”

If networking isn’t working for you, then I guarantee you’re not passionate about your message, you are also very likely not following points 1,2 and 3 and just turning up to meetings and chatting to as many people as possible. A good networker is impressive. If you follow this simple plan you will reap the rewards.

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