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PT Gear kettlebells have been built to last. All our equipment is field tested by qualified, experienced personal trainers so you can buy and train with confidence.

Kettlebell exercises develop strength and power when you’re off balance, challenging your body in a similar way to forces you encounter in contact sports, so training gains are transferred directly into increased performance and injury prevention on the field.

We have a massive kettlebell range for you to chose from:

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About Kettlebells

Kettlebells or kettle weights were originated in Russia. They have the appearance of a cannon ball with a handle. Russian kettlebells traditionally weigh 1 pood which is approximately a 16 kg kettlebell.

The unique construction of a kettlebell means the centre of mass extends past the grip. Kettlebells are primarily single-handed, not in a pair like dumbbells. This means balance and stability is a large part of training with a kettlebell, making kettlebell training very effective for functional strength and also balance core stability.

Kettlebells also allow the user to do a lot of dynamic training like swings, clean and jerks. These exercises need the whole body to function as a unit. So by mastering the techniques gradually, an experienced kettlebell user has fantastic muscle co-ordination and great core strength.