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Olympic Weights

Crossfit olympic weightlifter

We have sourced high quality Olympic weights

We thoroughly test our Olympic Plates

Testing, these plates have been tested both in official tests for 15,000 drops. Also by our team for 1 of use in a busy crossfit gym.

Our plates are made of black high grade solid rubber. The high quality material and design they will not break or distort through Olympic lifting movements and have been tested to 15,000 drops.

They are Designed to optimise performance and look after your Olympic training platforms.

“I have used these plates and the professional bars in my own crossfit gym for over 1 year now and they are still like new, they get a lot of abuse so the quality is impressive”

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About Olympic Weights Sets

Olympic bar and weightsOlympic weights sets have the following key features: The Olympic bar has bearing which allow the weights to rotate freely. This removes the rotational inertia placed on the user through the bar, which allows the movement in ascent and descent much easier and safer.

Olympic weights sets also have the same size diameter on each of the Olympic plates. This ensures correct lifting height for all power lifting exercises.