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Power Bags

official powerbags

power bags

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Power Bags for Sale in UK

Our power bags are built to last and to be used aggressively.

Our customers use powerbags throughout the UK for rugby training, military training and bootcamps.

About Power Bags

Power bags are a great piece of kit for functional training. They are again very versatile so you’ll only need 2 power bags for most clients.

Powerbags are also very strong and durable, so they are great for outdoor training with groups.

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Powerbags Information

The powerbag is a weight-filled bag. The bag is soft to touch, with strong canvas handles on each end.

Powerbag ® training, unlike traditional weight training equipment, utilises the movement and instability within the power bag itself to create an element of unpredictability during exercise. This forces the stabilising muscles to accommodate the shifts in weight during the course of the movement.

This helps to make Power bag based training more effective than many training approaches towards improving performance in real world situations, be they sporting or otherwise.