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Power Sled

Power Sled

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Our power sled is a high quality weight sled and harness. It has a unique design which allows you to clip the harness to it at multiple points. It also has the added feature of the push or pull bar.

The power sled has a solid steel frame which is capable of holding up to 140kg of weight.

Weight sled harness

The harness is often a forgotten factor in sled design, but it is the basis of the power driven from the body.

Our speed sled harness is designed to fit comfortably over both shoulders and chest and has a quick release clip so you can swap between exercises easily of teams and circuits.

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Why use a weight sled

A weight sled is ideal for speed training to develop acceleration speed for sports and athletics.
The weight sled adds resistance to your body which forces your body to work much harder in accelerating.

After completing a few sets with the weight sled, it is important to then accelerate without the weight sled. This will ensure you transfer this new power to speed.

Sports that use weight sleds for speed training are football, rugby, athletics and many of the armed forces.