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Power Wheel

Power Wheel

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Lifeline Power Wheel

The power wheel is produced by lifeline, The premier equipment suppliers in the US.

The power wheel focuses on your core, specifically your abs.

How to use the power wheel

Use the power wheel strapped to your feet or hands to vary the training.

You can also use the power wheel for cardiovascular training like the power wheel walk. Walking on your hands with your feet strapped to the wheel.

Read below for more power wheel exercises.

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Power Wheel exercises:

Power wheel walk exerciseThe Power wheel walk focuses on 3 key areas, shoulder (strength and endurance), Core control & it is a very tough cardiovascular workout.

Simply strap your feet to the power wheel and walk as far as you can.

Power wheel hamstring curl & bridge

Power wheel bridge exerciseThe power wheel hamstring curl really focuses on your hamstrings, it also requires a lot of core control.

To perform this exercise simply lie on your back with your legs in the power wheel pull your feet towards you push down with your arms and shoulders and drive your hips upwards into the bridge position shown.

Power wheel abs roll

Power wheel abs roll exerciseThis power wheel exercise really focuses on your abs, but also requires a lot of shoulder control.

To perform this power wheel exercise, start on your knees sitting on your heels with the power wheel held in both hands just in front of your knees. Then gradually roll the wheel out until you are fully outstretched as shown above. Next the exercises really targets your abs as you use them to drag the wheel back to your start position.