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Sandbags for Training

Sandbags for training

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We have a massive range of sandbags for training, we sell two different types of sandbags both suit different types of training & exercising.

Tough nylon sandbags

Our Alpha Strong sandbags are the toughest sandbags on the market designed to be really abused during training.

Each sandbag has a tough internal sandbag filled with sand, this internal sandbag seals the sand behind a heavy duty Zip and Velcro. Both sandbags are made from nylon so are very tough.

Padded Sandbags

We also supply Powerbags which are padded sandbags. The sand is encased in a foam tube & this is then encased in a tough water resistant outer sandbag.

The foam tube menas these sandbags have much more ridged shape and so can be used more like a bar for sanbag training & sandbag exercises.

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We are often asked which of our products are most like those used for Whilst we don’t have exactly he same bag, the bags that most closely match the sandbags used on bodyrock are the alpha strong sandbags.