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Suspension Trainer

Suspension trainer Milo Kit

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Suspension trainers

Suspension training helps build muscular balance, increases joint stability, mobility, and dramatically improves core strength. The way suspension training works helps improve posture.

We have 3 suspension trainers to choose from:

  1. The Jungle gym XT – A really stylish 2 strap suspension trainer.
  2. The Milo Kit – Very similar to the TRX, except it has a 2 strap system opening up many more training possibilities.
  3. Gymnastic rings – the original suspension training kit.

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Whats so great about suspension trainers?

Suspension trainers are by far my favourite piece of equipment. If I was only allowed 1 piece of exercise kit it would be a suspension trainer because :

  1. Firstly the intensity at which you can work. You can work to your absolute max suspension training.
  2. Its Flexibility, with a suspension trainer you really can work every muscle effectively. A lot of pieces of kit claim this. But for me the suspension trainer is the only piece of kit to really do it all.
  3. Its durability, Suspension trainers are tough and are very hard to break
  4. Suspension trainers are incredibly light weight so can be taken any where.
  5. They also really train your core and your joint stability.

Add to all this they look cool and you have a winner. Particularly the Jungle Gym XT. For me the Jungle Gym XT is by far the best design and by far the best priced suspension trainer on the market.

Saying that, I like all 3 of the above suspension trainers, the Milo Kit is more rugged and I would chose that if I was going to work hard outdoors using a suspension trainer.