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Weighted Vest

Weighted vest training focuses on developing your strength under load and this strength can then be applied to power and acceleration.

By training wearing a weighted vest, you increase your strength in two key areas.

Firstly, the increased load of the weighted vest will increase your muscle recruitment allowing you to recruit larger muscle groups under the actions performed (strength gains).
Secondly, for power and acceleration, you need to finish your training sessions without the weighted vest. This is important because without the weighted vest, your body will be lighter and hence quicker. So, you must finish your sessions at speed and with lots of rest, otherwise you will be training your muscles to slow down. If you want to read more weighted vest exercises, please check out the base of this page.

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Weighted vest exercises and training

Weighted vests are basically heavy, padded vests used to increase your body mass when training.

Benefits of weighted vest training

The benefits of training wearing a weighted vest, as opposed to an externally held load, like a powerbag or power sled, is your arms and body are completely free to function and assist you in your movements and exercises. When compared to the power sled, you are totally free to challenge your body in any direction and also there is a constant vertical load.

This opens up a large amount of possibilities to training, you can take part in a team fitness drill and obstacle course whilst wearing a weighted vest. The most obvious use is for acceleration training as described above.

Weighted vest uses

Weighted vests are ideal for bootcamps, assault course training, and circuits. If you have one or more in a group, you can make the training harder for specific individuals by making them wear the weight vest, then challenging them to beat everyone. This will make everyone work harder.

Weighted vests are also ideal for load bearing and contact sports. They are the perfect equipment for rugby teams. They will build strength under load and also acceleration speed, which is essential in rugby.